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How to Enter a New order

1. From within the trading platform, select "Futures", "Options", "Futures Spread", or "Options Spread" to select the type of order you wish to place.

In this tutorial, we have selected the Option Order Entry and we will be placing an order to buy 3 July Wheat 300 calls at 12 1/4 to open a position (day order)

2. Select the side (buy or sell).

3. Enter the quantity.

4. Select the month and year of the contract you wish to trade.

5. Select the contract you wish to trade.

6. Enter the strike price of the option you wish to trade.

7. Select call or put.

8. Enter the price if this is a Stop, Limit, or MIT order. For MOC or Market, leave this field blank.

9. Select the order type (Available order types: Market, Limit, Stop, MIT, MOC).

10. Identity if the trade is to open or close a position.

11. Select the duration. Is this a Day order to work for one session only or is this a Good-Til-Cancelled order that will work until filled or cancelled?

12. Select the session. There are two choices: RTH (regular Trading Hours) and ETH (Extended/Electronic Trading Hours). Generally you will place your orders RTH unless you want them to work on an electronic exchange or after hours (if available for that market).

Please Note: A complete description of all orders types and how to use them is part of your New Account Welcome Kit or available inside the client website under Account Services.This documentation will fully explain the benefits and details of placing different order types. You will be pleased to know that our Order Entry platform allows you to take full advantage of the markets by allowing you to place almost any type of order.

13. Click on the [preview] button to preview your order before submitting it. The preview screen also provides you with a snapshot quote prior to placing your order

To submit the order you are previewing, click [submit]. Or if you do not wish to submit, you can hit your browser's 'back' button to return to the previous screen.

14. Or, alternatively, if you wish to submit the order without previewing it, click the [submit] button from the order entry screen and skip the preview page.

How to Manage Your Orders

There are three screens available to you to review/manage your orders. In the "Trade" heading of the customer website, you can look at "Working" orders, "Filled" orders, or "Order Status". If you select Working, you will be presented a list of all working orders in your account. If you select Filled, you will be shown all orders that have been filled. If you select Order Status, you will see detailed status of all your activity -- working orders, filled orders, canceled orders, and replaced orders. The order status will include all information on orders you have placed or modified for the trading session. Below you will find a snapshot of an Order Status screen.

Free Training

There are four order enter screens in the FARRONLINE Platform: Futures, Options, Futures Spread, and Options Spread. If you wish to familiarize yourself with all four screens and get a complete overview of how to place all order types for all markets, please take advantage of FARR FINANCIAL's FREE, No Charge telephone training. One of our experienced representatives will go over all of the details of our trading technology with you. This is highly recommended and only takes about 20 minutes of your time. If you are an experienced trader you may not find the training necessary, but if you are new to trading or new to futures trading, you may wish to take advantage of this opportunity.

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